Monday, 26 September 2011

Sometimes You Would Think We Were Asking For The Earth

Now, if I wanted this I could understand why life would be challenging.

Well today I have been on auto rant!! So I apologise in advance.

As parents of Type 1 we ask for very little!

a)A good Specialist Diabetes Service

b)Support In Education

c)Informed Choice

d)Equal Access To Pumps & CGM(Continuous Glucose Monitor)

e)Test strips, sharps bins etc, without having to hound a GP Receptionist.

Then we come to: Supporting Charities, that in theory are there to "support" people with Type 1 & carers.

As parents and people living with Type 1 we relentlessly raise funds;

a) In desperate hope that a cure will be found one day soon.
b)To raise awareness of how challenging Type 1 Diabetes is to manage on a day to day basis.
c)To help improve and shape service.

So why when we ask for so little and give so much in return, are we still finding life challenging on a day to day basis.Why are certain Charities not delivering? Yet they constantly expect funds.

I was due to attend a meeting at Diabetes UK tomorrow. I have decided not to go for a number of reasons;

a)I feel that they have left many questions unanswered over the recent months.Not just for me but for many people.

b)I feel they have forgotten that we provide 24/7 care for our children and some of us have a second full time job too(work)!! So why do they not respond, when they say they will ? We always find the time, why can't they?

This is the poster that will be sent out. I have to say, someone from a certain Charity thought it wasn't good enough!! In my opinion it's better than nothing & a whole lot cheaper & effective than anything they will produce!! Why? It was developed & features people living with Type 1.

Instead I have decided to use my train fare to help fund the 13k Type 1 Awareness Posters. They will be circulated within Primary Care late October/Early November. Diabetes Power is funding them. Nipro-Europe are funding the postage.

Also, I would rather spend the time supporting and speaking to people who truly understand how I feel and why I am so desperate to Raise Awareness. Some may say I am impatient but I have been jumping up and down for an awareness campaign for over 3 years.

Why?  Like so many other young people with Type 1. we nearly lost Claudia our daughter and sadly people have lost a child. I knew nothing about the symptoms of Type 1 and it would appear neither did our GP as he said Claudia had a sore throat. In fact she was in DKA hours away from being in a coma.

Simple Symptoms, Simple Tests = Saves lives!

I have always supported free of charge where & when I can, in return I just expect to be treated with respect.

I would like to think that something will come of my/our concerns, sadly I feel not. However I would like to give them an opportunity to address the current situation and actually act on it.

Rant over!!

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