Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Diabetes Power/Nipro Europe Cycle Team In Association With DWED

Diabetes Power/Nipro Europe will be Cycling in Honour of all people with Type 1 & in Memory Of Sian Howarth.

Sian Howarth a truly special person

Claudia met Sian at a Fashion Show

In a moment of shear madness I agreed to wear lycra( lycra in your 40's  mmmm) & to cycle from Portsmouth to the NEC in Birmingham. (oooo) Along the route we will be releasing Chinese Blue Lanterns.

I hold Karl & Loz who work for Nipro Europe responsible for my moment of madness.
Nipro Europe wanted to help a small organisation who were trying to raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes. I am thrilled they chose Diabetes Power. There challenge, mmm not so thrilling as a Domestic Goddess with 5 children. I am not to familiar with Road Bikes.

Claudia aged 10 has decided that she will be cycling the last leg with the Team.

Diabetes Power has been working towards gaining charity status. Hopefully we will have raised the £5K required in order to register as a charity.

10% of all funds raised will go to DWED. Diabetics with eating disorders. An amazing charity, who are really making a difference.

There will be a team photo up shortly. Please note I did not choose the Blue & Pink Lycra, that was Loz!!

Why we need an awareness campaign!

In November 2011, 13K GP's will be sent a Type 1 Awareness Poster. This will coincide with World Diabetes Day November 14th. Diabetes Power, Nipro Europe & DWED will be making it World Diabetes Week.

To donate follow the link below:

To learn about Nipro-Europe follow the link below:

To learn more about DWED (Diabetics with eating disorders) follow the link below:

Meet the Cycle Team & follow our route using google earth:   & click on Cycle Ride

If you would like to join us along the way feel free, just email me with a selected meeting point and you can join us. I insist that some form of Lycra is worn.

Please share this blog world wide. Together we can raise awareness.

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