Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Why are we still fighting for Insulin Pumps

This is all we are asking for

Factually Incorrect Reasons/Excuses Given For Not Getting A Pump.
(sadly they are all true quotes)

Your Hba1c is too high

Your Hba1c is too low

You are having to many hypo's

Our PCT don't fund pumps

Pumps will be to complex for you

You are a single parent, so you won't cope. (seriously)

You need to have better control

It won't improve your control or quality of life

Our waiting list is 2 years

Pumps are not available on the NHS

I have worn one, they are awful

Please feel free to add to the above, the list is endless!

It is nearly 3 years after our battle for an Insulin Pump for Claudia. Have things changed, sadly no!!

In our case it was the Hospital that were blocking our application for a pump, until I really jumped up and down. The PCT in their defence, approved the application within 2 weeks.

Whilst caring for a child with a Long Term Condition, should we really have to shout, scream, lobby, beg ,cry involve the media for someone to hear our plight? Absolutely not!Yet this seems to the the case on many occasions when it comes to requesting an insulin pump and even more so when "continuous glucose monitors are mentioned.

It is only natural for a parent ,to want informed choice and the best treatment option for their child.

Better Control = Better Quality Of Life = Less Impact on The NHS. Everyone wins. This is a simple formula that works, it is not rocket science.

More importantly why should some of us have pumps & CGM's and others not. How is that fair? Depending of the beliefs of Hospital Teams & PCT's. Should they really have that "power".

NICE guidance. Why do we have it? It would appear that Hospitals & PCT's can use it when they want and then ignore it. There seems to be no accountability.

Caring for a child with Type 1 Diabetes is 24/7. On top of that we are expected to do battle with Education, Hospitals, PCT's. When is this going to end! It is wrong on every level. What about the parents who are unable to fight and don't understand the system.

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  1. We've heard the A1c comment already. We were denied a CGM which I wanted to help catch night time lows he was experiencing like crazy, but was told now his A1c is good they will not approve it. And on the topic of a pump it was they might approve it but we will have to push for it because his A1c i good and why fix something that is not broken (MDI method). I went around the doctors and through the pump company and found out my insurance would approve it. Still fighting with the doctors to start the process though because they think it's too soon. It's been almost 2 years come February since he was diagnosed.

  2. I can add to that....

    Pumps are dangerous!

    You aren't intelligent enough to use a pump.

    Pumps don't suit people with erratic life styles.

    (non diabetic, Diabetes Consultant) they get in the way during sex and sport!!! (I heard this with my own ears)

    Please sign our pump petition, doesn't matter where you live, we just need support and it only takes 1 minute to add your name and click the validation email... thank you : ))


  3. I was so lucky to get my daughter on a pump right away but I was ready to go to battle to get her one if I wasn't approved. The dr. fought me on the pump I wanted but finally wrote the prescription. When I hear that people have to fight so hard to get on a pump it's just not right. Everyone should be able to make their own decision if they want to get on a pump and the doctors & insurance companies should just approve them.

  4. Angela I totally and completely feel your pain. I live in the US and it is no better, my "health" insurance company makes everything impossible. I am currently battling to get CGM. It took me 6 months of screaming and yelling to get my pump, I was not taking no for an answer. A few years ago my insurance's policy for CGM approval was that you have to have episodes of hyperglycemia unawareness and I believe trips to the Emergency Room to prove it, HOW INSANE!!! They have lightened up but not by much. I hope you keep at the battle and don't give up, keep screaming and yelling for your daughter. I love my pump, MOST days, and I hate my pump SOME days. A pump is lifesaving for me. The people who say they hated it, did not have proper medical staff to help them work through their issues. I have had TONS of issues with infusion sets, but do you think I will ever go back to SHOT, NO WAY!!! I just posted a letter on my page that I am sending to my insurance company, it's very long but I hope it gets my case across to them. I wish you luck and don't give up, it's for your daughters' safety and life and insurance companies in the US don't give a darn!!