Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Letting Go

Can you imagine the fun they had !

Well for anyone who doesn't know. Diva Claudia will be going to High School next year.

In a bid to prepare her to be more independent. I have started letting go a little more and putting my trust in other people and in Claudia herself. I think it is harder for me!! (control freak).

Normally by the age of 10 most children, will have been to holiday clubs etc, for Claudia and children with Type 1 Diabetes there are so many things to consider, especially as she has Coeliac Disease too:

Will they be as OCD as me  ? Nooooooooooooooooo

Will she be ok?    Yes

Will they be ok?   Yes

Will they take a child with Type 1?

What if......................................  so many scenarios the list is endless. It blows your mind.

So I enrolled 4 of them into Gymnastic Holiday Club, 9.00am to 4.00pm. Brave I know.

I am surprised they didn't run a mile, 2 with Coeliac Disease, 1 with Type 1 & 1 with multiple allergies, not your typical family.

They listened to what we said and they took first class care of Claudia. One of the instructors had a younger brother with Type 1. A huge plus.

I arrived to collect them. Was I nervous? Oh yes.

Claudia was on the beam, without a care in the world!! She sprung off the end of the beam into the pit, with a giggle.The other girls had a fantastic day too. Sadly on many occasions in the past, they have all missed out due to the care Claudia has required and to be honest my reluctance to trust anyone with her care.

She had 1 hypo, the chap even asked to have a look at her meter. He made sure she had enough glucose & they avoided 1 hypo. Which I feel for a full day of exercise is fantastic. Especially as they were Pit Racing! This did make me laugh as they said they all got stuck in the huge foam blocks.

Today they are all aching.

I don't want to let go. In my heart I want to keep her with me wrapped up in cotton wool forever. My mind tells me that I have to let go slowly. Remembering that she needs to be able to live the life that any other  10 year old would. Easier said than done.

So back they go on Thursday. Result they are going to let Purdey stay for an hour. This means I will have no children for at least an hour!

Hand on heart. I don't know what the best way forward is on many occasions. Often I am in situations, that given a choice I would opt out of. As parents we have to go with our own instincts and beliefs, which is challenging in this day and age.

I really wish Type 1 came with an instruction manual that guided you through all the ups & downs.


  1. So true and I must confess it sounds exactly like me! Well done you. A x

  2. welldone.

    I've sent mine to a few clubs this year. At least one volunteer at each setting got trained ready for their arrival.