Monday, 31 October 2011

When it all goes wrong !!

Claudia & Sophie With Lenny At Friends For Life

For anyone who knows me or has a large family. Getting away is rare. Last weekend I should have spent the weekend in Windsor with Claudia at the Friends For Life Conference.

I have never attended the conference before. I was a little apprehensive. I wasn't sure if it was for me. My friend Penny persuaded me to try it, so I did.

Lesley from Input had asked me to do a short talk on moving hospitals.(You know how I love to talk)

In usual OCD style the car was packed to the hilt, with enough gluten free food & diabetic supplies to kit out the whole of Windsor. I had even had the car cleaned!!

Claudia and I hopped in the car and hit the M6 and stopped! It took 3 hours to get to Birmingham and another 3 to get to Windsor.

Half way through our journey I had a phone call. We are in A&E don't worry. Isabella has hurt her ankle at Gymnastics!! It's just a sprain, you carry on. So we did. Another phone call, mmmm her growth plate has been moved, they will need to put her to sleep, manipulate it, hopefully that will work or they will have to make a small incision and move it.

Normally I would have stopped the car, however as the M6, was like a car park there was no need.

I felt sick, I wanted to be with Isabella, but I was several hours away, Claudia wanted me to stay with her. What a dilemma as parents we are put in on occasions.

I left a tearful Claudia with Penny & Sophie at the Friends for Life Conference(she wanted to stay) and headed back home to the hospital. (managed to give medtronic a bit of grief on my way out for not supporting patients enough for CGM's)

Nothing like sisterly love.

I got back home at 1.30am Saturday morning. By the time I arrived at the hospital, they had changed their minds!! They were going to do a further x-ray plaster and review in a week. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

They had no gluten free food for breakfast, as they had forgotten she was Coeliac.
By this point I had lost my sense of humour.
We eventually left hospital Saturday evening with Isabella sporting a purple plaster cast and crutches.
It matches her school uniform !!

Meanwhile Claudia was having a ball at Friends For Life.

I left early Sunday morning to return to Windsor to collect Claudia. I arrived, had my face painted, said hello/goodbye, paid/checked out and came home.

In total I have driven over1200 miles this weekend, 1 daughter in plaster, 1 diva daughter with lot's of freebies and realised how amazing it is to have a friend who knows how to care for your child who has Type 1. No tips on Type 1 as I missed everything!

I also met my friend Emma, but sadly we had little time to gossip.

Sunday evening we spent at a Halloween Party in Blackpool, with the local Children's Diabetes Group. It was amazing !!!!!

Whatever next? 


  1. we normally have to take gluten free food into the hospital when our kids are there.