Saturday, 31 December 2011

Wishing 2012 Will Be The Year Of The Cure For Type 1

‎1 of my beautiful 5 girls has Type 1 Diabetes. Can you tell which one?
We need to raise the profile of Type 1 Diabetes. From the outside our children look like any other child. One huge difference our children with Type 1 need permanent life supporting medication in the form of insulin each and every day.Without Insulin they would not be with us today.

I do understand why the average person on the street has no idea of how complex and challenging Type 1 Diabetes is. For years it has been kept in the dark as a condition not to be talked about.

Thank goodness, times and attitudes are changing. I am not sure if it is due to the Internet or the fact that Type 1 Diabetes is on the increase, but slowly we are being heard.

2012 is the Year I believe we will be heard, if the cure is not found !!
Diabetes Power and Claudia ask you to join them in shouting from the tree tops to Raise Awareness Of Type 1, no matter how young /old or wherever you live in the world.


Raise Your Glasses To 2012

Starting With The Parents Network In March 2012

For anyone reading this post who isn't directly affected by Type 1.
I have 5 beautiful girls. All healthy pregnancies. I didn't drink, smoke and I ate a healthy diet. All natural births with no complications. They were breastfed and weened exactly the same. We have always been an active family with a healthy diet. Yet on the 1st May 2008. Claudia aged just 7, was admitted to the High Dependency Unit. Claudia had developed Type 1 Diabetes. We are lucky she is with us today. Claudia was in DKA a life threatening condition. My thoughts: Why ? What did I do wrong? Could I have prevented this? The answer is no. As for why, no one is a 100% sure as yet, there are lots of thoughts, research etc.When you are told your child needs medication without which they would die, life has a whole new meaning. Added to which you have to fight so many battles to get on occasions basic good care within the NHS and Education, life gets even more challenging.
The above is a very very tiny snapshot.

What you will find is: anyone you meet who has Type 1,will be truly inspirational. Who against many odds will be leading a happy healthy normal life.

If you are able to help raise the profile in any way please email:

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  1. I am hoping for a cure also.. Thanks for sharing this post :) Your girls are beautiful. There are many of us that are with you on the beaing HEARD part. Let's raise our voices LOUD AND CLEAR.. Happy New Year's!