Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back To School Should Be Bliss For Parents. If Only !

Oh yes I have! But who has all the right answers?

This is my question. Why has no-one written a "simplistic book" yes "simplistic" Type 1 Manual.

Whilst there are lot's of books out there on Type 1, together with many articles. I often ask myself, which one is right? Where do I start? How much do I want to know? Which will work for Claudia?

Instead I find myself "learning on the job" without any specific instructions. I use Claudia as a live working model to learn what works best for her. Scarey thought when written down, however that is the reality of managing Type 1.( our children are all different) Yes there are basic rules to follow, but as for fine tuning the variables are enormous. So much fine tuning or tweaking as I call it, is required 24/7.

So back to school for me is the below:

Champion Basal Tweaker, yes that's me!! A few weeks before Christmas "Hypo City" struck. Then to be honest between Christmas & New Year Claudia's levels were fantastic !! Not a statement I often use.

When most parents are shoving their children out of the door, letting out a huge sigh of relief.
My huge sigh is: please let her levels be OK. To be honest she had managed to irritate me on several occasions during the holidays. So I should have been cheering as she left for school.(Year 6 parents and above will get what I am saying) Bless her little cotton socks and Diva Temper!

The control freak in me still wants to keep her at home. Of course no-one, I repeat no-one can look after Claudia the way I can. Having OCD and being a Control Freak is a bit of a wicked combination for a parent who has a child with Type 1 and Coeliac.

I am getting better at letting go.On second thoughts, better at covering my true feelings and emotions. I have to admit it is hard. She is my little girl and it's a mother's instinct to protect and nurture her child. Unfortunately Type 1 takes a lot out of our hands. I often wonder is that what makes me even more overprotective.

I always find the first week back to school very challenging and often hit a low point.

Claudia came back bouncing today, along with her sisters. Claudia casually announces " I have only had 1 hypo today". I feel rubbish. I so wished I had got it "right" and avoided that hypo.

When Claudia returns to school, sometimes her levels rise and sometimes they drop. So for the first few days it's the "wait and see game". With the smallest of tweaks.This to me feels cruel, to be honest with Type 1 there are few options.

This time on the return to school I have had 4 care plans to check:

Isabella: Coeliac

Claudia: Type 1, Coeliac & Asthma

Felicity: Allergies

Darcy: Just diagnosed with Hyper Mobility

No wonder my head feels blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!


  1. and breathe, you are amazing x

  2. I am also in the 'wait and see 'mode once Aleksi goes back to school next week. Holiday numbers have been erratic to say the least but hopefully the good old school routine will help settle things. Off to see our Consultant today - fingers crossed( feel like I'm going for my school report!!)Good luck with 'back to school'!