Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Simple Way To Carry Basic Type 1 Information



Type 1 Tags.

Simple basic information to help support a child/young person or adult.
The top card carries the universal "medical alert symbol" and a strip to write "ICE" information 
(in case of an emergency).

A simple easy to read  resource to complement  a care plan or just a gentle reminder for support/education staff or employers to help support people living with Type 1 Diabetes.There are 3 cards printed on both sides. They are made from "plastic"  and come attached to a looped  key ring for added versatility. You can attach the cards to a bag, pencil case, trouser/skirt loop, medical bag or you can use the looped key ring to hang the T1 Tag.

The tags are priced at £4.99
UK shipping free
Worldwide shipping £1.50

To order follow the link below and click on T1 Tags on the "left side":


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  1. plastic cards have various uses that helps a lot in performing tasks smoothly....