Sunday, 25 November 2012

Type 1 Friendship A Special Bond

On my constant mission to understand the world that is Type 1 Diabetes. I have met some truly special people and made friendships that I know will be lifelong.
This summer I met Sheldon, our common interest Type 1 Diabetes. I have to say that on occasions I suffer from "Diabetes Overload". Sheldon was I welcome breath of fresh air and made me realise that it was onwards and upwards with the battle of getting Type 1 Diabetes recognised and understood by the wider public and medical profession. 
The question: How can we help support each other more on a day to day basis? What applications are out there or are currently being developed to support everyday life with Diabetes? We need quality of life every day until a cure is found. Sheldon discussed an application that he was developing in order to help improve, understand and support daily living with Type 1 Diabetes. What was new/different about this application for diabetes management? Sheldon has a young son with Type 1 Diabetes. They are "living the Type 1 life" every day. To me that makes all the difference.
An application written and developed with a "true" understanding of Diabetes. 

Every1Everywhere Diabetes

I started Every1Everywhere Diabetes Management six months ago. We are designing and testing a system I built for our son’s blood sugar management. He is 3 and was diagnosed with Type 1 two years ago. This system radically reduces his blood sugar extremes and gives us really tight blood control. Not perfect, but better. And better is always what we are after.

We are working hard to produce a tool that will change the culture of diabetes management. You will see what that means if you are paying attention over the coming months. :)

Diabetes Power came onto my radar in the summer. Was impressed with how well Angela’s daughter, Claudia, took control of her blood sugar management. I was also impressed with Angela’s own enthusiasm and tenacity.

So we decided to put together a series of three charity dinners where we invite as many friends as we can fit around our table and put on a spectacular dinner for them. The first gathering was landscape-themed where 24 people enjoyed an eight-course meal, punctuated by wild and exotic sorbets to cleanse the palette. Wines were hand-selected to go with the culinary delights provided for our good friends.

Robyn Perkins, with an amazing team of 4, laid waste to our humble kitchen bringing such fun to the evening. They are as much about ‘cooking as theatre’ as they are about preparing great food.

 The Aftermath
One of eight courses

The team

Equally, the second dinner was a roaring success!Alexandra was looking for an idea to name the courses and I have always wanted an over sized Beatles poster in our living room
(who wouldn’t?), so the Beatles theme was born and the fabulous courses were
christened with titles for salad like ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ and soup, ‘Cayenne’.

Mirja Hartwig, Head Chef at the legendary Café Kick donated wine for the evening
and brought her expertise for the amazing meal. Both times those guys at the Butcher on Theobold’s Road gave us amazing deals on some spectacular beef in support of the cause.
Waiting for the evening to begin with Mirja and Edward

It has been such fun bringing great groups of people together to enjoy a fantastic evening. We raised £750 for Diabetes Power and are looking forward to our final dinner in January where we will attempt to pull out all the stops again and fill our flat to the brim. We have live music planned and anticipate a sensational evening of food, wine and song.


Is a new kind of company. We are working to make people’s lives better – both, officially through our diabetes management system, and unofficially by bridging our personal goals with those of amazing people we run into who work tirelessly to make better the lives of those living with diabetes.


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