Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Clinic:The Good,The Sad And The Embarrassing Texts

How the months fly by. Today we were at clinic in Leeds. For the first time in 2 years I didn't get lost, phew! I am always anxious even though I know we have really tried and worked relentlessly to maintain"good control". It's exhausting and non-stop. I need to kick the habit of taking pictures of good BG levels. Although I know I am not alone. It's those small victories that keep me going.

It's been a time of change: Claudia started High School in September. At Primary School we were lucky and had 1-1 care. In by opinion every child should have 1-1 care if required. So Claudia went from  pampered T1 care to DIY Type 1 care.

I have recently started working full time. On many occasions I have been close to tears as I felt the expectations of Claudia are far to high, she is still my little girl. Yet we have no choice with Type 1 and the start of High School as Claudia's future health is so important. Letting Claudia grow up and have more control has been really challenging for me. It's a mother's instinct to protect or in my case overprotect.

True to form Claudia was in full ear chewing mode during the journey whilst applying lip gloss on a regular basis. I raised an eyebrow and Claudia responds with "it makes my lips all sparkly" Mmmm is that my lip gloss Claudia?

We arrived at clinic. The usual height, weight Hba1c etc followed. HbA1c 7 result!! as Claudia has taken on the management of Type 1 since September. We were all having a chat, Consultant, DSN Claudia and I.  Claudia suddenly chirps up "Do you know how many times my mummy has text me since September?" The room fell silent. Claudia got out her phone and announces 549 times. I hang my head in shame. A mother has to track her T1 lovely somehow.

Oh yes !!!

Claudia had some further bloods to check her thyroid function. Claudia really doesn't like having her blood taken. So obviously I had to bribe her. I always get fleeced after clinic.
Hopefully we will have the results in a week or so. It was back in May of this year that her annual bloods flagged up  there were "thyroid antibodies" although it was functioning.These bloods will indicate if there is any change and if she will require Thyroxine or similar. I am praying for a miracle as Claudia is already Type 1 and Coeliac.

I had to hold back the tears in the car when Claudia said " mummy all I want for Christmas is not to have diabetes on Christmas Day and just eat and eat without bolusing". My response "Claudia I am good but not that good". In true Claudia style she continued well mummy if I had a fairy godmother I would ask her to wave her  magic wand and take my diabetes away. So glad I had my sunglasses on.

I am glad she can be honest with me, yet at the same time, it's these truly honest moments that make my cry or my heart feels heavy. On many occasions when she is hypo, she still has a smile for everyone. Darcy 1 of her younger sisters is giving her glucose whilst she is sat down. I have yet to capture on film her in Diva Mode whilst hypo.

Darcy helping Claudia whilst hypo.



  1. Oh the thoughts both you & Claudia have mentioned really made me smile as While I was growing up my mum said to me every christmas day "I wish you didn't have to inject today Angie!!" she even said it last yaer at the prime age of 39 ( Because my pump broke 3 days b4 christmas so had to do mdi's till Roche cud send me a replacement!!) In a way Iwish we cud have christmas day off but I know we wud pay for it after so suppose it aint worth it lol. Hope Claudia's thyroid results come back ok. Merry christmas hun x

    1. Hi Angie,

      Thanks for sharing. Massive hugs and wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.xx