Wednesday, 27 April 2011

At The End Of Our Rainbow Is A Cure For Type 1. Until Then It's Clinic Every 3/12

Our Rainbow Would Have A Cure For Type 1 At The End.

Supporting us find the end of our Rainbow are some of the most amazing research people. So I am confident that in the near future we will have a cure.

Until Then It's Clinic As Usual

Today was our 3 month Clinic appointment. As usual I had been snappy for a few days reflecting over the last 3 months and trying to figure out if Claudia will have a "reasonable" Hba1c.

We live 1 hour 30 -2 hours from Leeds depending on the traffic. I was tired as Claudia had needed a correction during the night & Purdey had got into our bed at 5.00am and decided to do her usual party trick of imitating Donald snore. The thing is it makes me laugh, which then makes her do it more. Just as I closed my eyes to sleep,the rest of the gang piled in, it's time to get up!!

Well what can I say in true  Allison style we arrived at the wrong hospital first doh!! Read the letter incorrectly. In our defence they have changed the location.

Eventually we arrived at St James Hospital, parked at the opposite end, to were we needed to be. It was a lovely day so it was a pleasant walk.

Amazingly I didn't have a stress rant!(miracles do happen then) Sadly Claudia had been in a bad mood since she got up.

Height, Weight, Blood Pressure & Hba1c first, followed by an appointment with the consultant & nurse.They download all our information from our BG meter, Pump & CGM.
Whilst we waited to see the consultant the dietician came to speak to us. she is wonderful, giving us tips on how to deal with Claudia's refusal to eat more veg, fish & salad.

Tip: always but veg & salad on her plate even if she doesn't eat it, she will get used to seeing it visually. This makes sense. We also got Claudia to agree to try fish once a week & the major victory to try scrambled eggs.

Claudia's Hba1c(A1C) 6.1 %. (Phewwwwww)  Thanks to the amazing data from the pump & cgm it was broken down as follows:

71% in range
13% out of range
16% hypo

We just need to reduce the "hypo's" further. With the advice and support of the team we have reduced the basal slightly.

Here comes the traumatic part. Claudia needed to have her annual bloods taken. Well  "Diva" Claudia was not pleased, I had to endure a right verbal ear bashing as we made our way to the blood clinic. Both hands smothered in Emla Cream. On our arrival it was clear to all in the Blood Clinic that Claudia was very unhappy. 5 minutes and it was over, my hearing will need checking & I had an elbow placed firmly in me.

Don't you just love it though, when they walk out and say " that wasn't too bad". I just looked at Claudia in disbelief.

We all jumped in the car & headed for home. I have decided to have a glass of Dry Martini & Lemonade tonight(rarely drink) as a reward, Claudia has had a chocolate bar. Donald has a snappy free wife!


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