Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Media Have A Duty To Be Factually Correct!

Let's Support Each Other

Mr Lee Nevitt (Batman) has started a petition, which in my opinion is long overdue & needed.

Why? you may ask.

Long before Claudia developed Type 1 Diabetes the media often irritated me, due to it's inaccuracy!!!

May 1st 2008 Claudia was diagnosed with Type 1. From the minute I heard the Doctor's say there was currently no cure. I knew I would trawl the Internet and listen to all news reports, desperately waiting to here those words "a cure for Type 1 Diabetes has been found or better treatment options".

My hopes & Claudia's hopes have been dashed on many occasion's. We hear or read "new treatment for diabetes" half way through the report or article we suddenly realise it is for Type 2. Now don't get me wrong that's brilliant news for anyone living with Type 2.

Anyone who knows me, will be aware of all the the work I am doing in support of, primarily Children with Type 1 Diabetes.My work now  reaches out to adults with Type 1 & adults with Type 2.

Have you ever seen a child's face look so disappointed and ask the question's: "But mummy they said it was for Diabetes" So yet again I have to explain the difference between the condition. Then she normally says: " That's good news for Pop's (her grandfather has Type 2). But a mother can always detect that hidden sadness in her child. This is heartbreaking. If only they had made it clear from the beginning.


When you know your child needs permanent life support each and every day via injection or in our case a pump. I am desperate for a cure, I can be honest and  I pray each and every day for a cure. No matter how "happy go lucky "Claudia is, it is no life for a child. Children are supposed to be innocent free spirits. In my opinion that's something Type 1 to a degree takes away from a child.
Every time I hear diabetes mentioned my heart skips a beat, thinking is this the day they find the cure. Only to realise yet again they are not talking about Type 1 Diabetes.
I can't describe the disappointment and sadness I feel inside as my hopes are raised only to be swiftly dashed.

Anyone who has a Long Term Condition, please sign this petition as deep down we all know how devastating it is when we realise the news report/article are inaccurate and on that occasion & cannot help you or your loved one!!

Until Claudia developed Type 1 Diabetes, I didn't actually realise the full impact a long term condition has on a person or family & friends. Watching someone one you love deeply crying, being angry & sad on occasions is soul destroying.

For the love of the "whole of the long term condition community" lets get all the reports & articles factually correct.

The media has a responsibilty to give " complete"factual information.


  1. I agree! The petition is great, and what it proposes is so important. I really wish type 1 and type 2 had two different names.

  2. Hi, my names is Mimi and I write and I also have 5 daughters! My 3 yr old has diabetes and my husband as well (dx at 14 yrs old) I also have a daughter with bipolar and a hearing impairment. Our lives are not easy! I love your post as this is a HUGE source of frustration to me as well. I have people trying to "cure" my Libby's diabetes all the time!!!! And all the time people are sending me articles to read on diabetes, and vitamins or reliv ro some crap they are selling to help her "take less insulin". There needs to be an awareness for Type 1 diabetes and the vast differences...In fact I think they should rename Type 2 diabetes as something else as they are simply NOT the same disease!